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US OBserverships

Will I receive a letter of recommendation?

You will, if eligible, receive a Letter of Recommendation from the Physician you observed with and from the US Observerships staff Physician upon successful completion of your observership.

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To learn more about this Program and to recieve information about the Application Process, please use the contact form

or call (941) 621-2075

Rules for Observerships


  1. The observer must introduce him/herself to the patient as an observer, and must request the patient’s permission to be present at the time of clinical visit, procedure, or other patient services. If the patient declines to allow the observer’s presence, he/she must leave the area.
  2. The observer is not allowed any other direct patient contact. Contact is defined as physically touching, performing a medical history and/or examination, counseling (patient or patient’s family/friends), assisting in surgery or any other procedure, or otherwise interacting with patients, either individually or in the presence of others.
  3. The observer cannot make patient chart entries (electronic or hard copy). He/she may not make copies of patient charts (paper or electronic).
  4. If required by the training program, the observer must complete an evaluation of the rotation upon the completion of the observership.
  5. No stipend, support, compensation, insurance coverage, benefits, or housing will be provided by US Observerships.
  6. US Observerships may, at its sole discretion, terminate the observership without recourse to due process or appeal process by the observer.
  7. The observer will not receive any academic credit for the experience. The observership does not constitute medical education, graduate medical education, continuing medical education or training leading to licensure or board certification.
  8. Upon satisfactory completion of the observership, the sponsoring program will provide the observer with a certificate of completion or other documentation of the observership.
  9. Observerships cannot be used as evidence of clinical experience for the purposes of seeking graduate medical education in the United States.