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Have Observerships lost value for IMG's?

"...The usefulness of Observerships has been often questioned by some IMGs... many residency programs DO look upon observership experience as relevant, important and some, even necessary..."


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Benefits of US Observerships

  • Experience the United States Healthcare Systems
  • Receive Clinical Performance Evaluations
  • Earn Letters of Recommendation from United States Physicians
  • Learn How to Communicate With:
    • Other Medical Staff (i.e.,  insurance billing personnel)
    • Nurses
    • Laboratory Personnel
    • Other Physicians
    • Patients and Their Families
  • Learn Effective Patient/Physician Communication Skills
  • Learn how to Prepare and Present:
    • Patient Cases
    • Medical Presentations
    • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Learn Examination Room Etiquette
  • Learn SOAP Note Format
  • Learn How To Write Admitting and Discharge Orders
  • Learn How To Write Daily In-Patient Notes/Charting

Additional Services made available during your Observership**:

  • Learn How To Create An Effective Application For Residency
  • Learn How To Develop A Personal Statement
  • Learn How To Develop A Curriculum Vitae
  • Learn How To Be Effective At Interviewing Skills

**Additional Fee Will Apply